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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Preparations: Montana Art Quilt Retreat - Spring Session

I've spent days preparing for the Spring Session of the Montana Art Quilt Retreat. This is an event that is being held at my home workshop. The classroom space is on the second level of my husband's shop. It has been rustically finished with the intention that paint could be splattered on the floor, etc. and nobody would need to feel bad about it. The North and south walls are finished as an extensive design wall. For the retreat, I have pinned up a grouping of quilts I've done using techniques I will be teaching at the retreat.

This view of the south wall shows gelatin plate printing, Tyvek, painted fabric, computer printed fabric, rust dyed fabric, screen printing, and stamped fabrics.

This view of the North wall shows glue gel resist painted with Setacolor paints, computer printed, screen prints, rust dyed, after-image painted, and Tyvek.

This is the view from the deck that is part of the classroom. Hopefully, the weather will be nice and we will be able to set up work stations outdoors on the deck.

This is the class kit. It includes 8 colors of Setacolor paint, a pack of Jacquard Lumiere paints, foil and foil adhesive, rubber gasket material for making a rubber stamp, screen for making a printing screen, a paint stick, Angelina fibers, glue gel resist, cassava paste resist, shaving cream, 3 yards of cotton broadcloth, 1 yard each of silk organza, raw silk, and haboti silk, Tyvek, Wonder Under, Misty Fuse . . . . as well as the use of many materials that stay at the studio - such as rusty objects, etc.

Here is the view of the West wall. This is where I have set up my demonstration station. I've also set up a "For Sale" shelf of hand dyed fabrics and miscellaneous extra supplies in case anyone wants to make a purchase.

Here is a drying rack that accomodates a lot of people painting fabrics at once! The shelves are made of pegboard for ventilation.

Here is the view from the North window. You can see my house with the sandstone cliffs in the background.

This view out the other North window of the workshop looks down at the walkway leading to the house, where we will have lunch each day.

The participants arrive tomorrow, with the retreat continuing through Sunday. I hope to be taking pictures each day. Not sure I will get them posted daily, but that is my goal. Stay tuned!

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joyce said...

What a wonderful space. I'm sure the participants will beso inspired by the space and by your work.