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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Evening Musings

It has been a busy week. Joe (husband) had surgery yesterday. About 10 days ago, he snapped his bicep tendon away from the bone. It was surgically reattached with a small screw that will be absorbed by his body. He is now in a splint that immobilizes his arm. He must not move the joint for 2 months. He's not having much pain at this point.

This has meant quite a bit of extra responsibility for me, as he needs me to be his left hand. I have taken on his chores, will be doing most of the renovation on the apartment myself, and am doing many of the manual tasks related to Joe's business.

He injured himself on the first day of my spring retreat, and I've been spread very thin since then.

Today, I realized that my friend Joan's wedding is just two weeks away. I made a scrap quilt for a wedding gift, and it has been quilted on the long arm by Tanith Daugherty, but I've not bound it yet. So this evening after dinner, I spread the quilt on my bedroom floor and crawled around with a tape measure and chalk line squaring it up. Here is how it looked after I finished trimming it:

This other scrap quilt was also quilted by Tanith. It is also now ready for binding.

I really enjoy putting on a binding. It is meditative and validating to finish something off.

After I finished squaring and trimming these two quilts, I stepped onto the master bedroom veranda to watch the sun go down.

I thought I would show you how we get water to our house. Yes, we haul it in a tank on the back of the pick-up truck. This has become my daily chore since Joe hurt his arm. Our cistern holds 2700 gallons. Earlier this week, one of the toilet's innards broke and the water ran all day while everyone was away. The cistern was nearly empty by the time we arrived home and discovered it. I have been making multiple water runs each day, but now the cistern is finally full again.

This is the view from the little table for two on our veranda. A nice cool breeze was blowing. Such a pleasant way to end a busy day!

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joyce said...

Your quilt is looking wonderful. We used to live with a cistern, but it was only 1200 gal and we had two teenaged daughters with long hair. You can imagine the runs we made. Finally, we got a dowser in and he found water so now we have a well. Love it even if the water is hard.