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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jan's Day at Montana Art Quilt Retreat

Jan, from Great Falls, Montana, displayed some of her art fabric on the design wall. Techniques shown here include sun printing, screen printing with resist and paint, stamping, and foiling.

Here, Jan is working on her rubber stamp. She has traced her design onto the plumbers rubber gasket material using Saral paper (artists wax free tracing paper). She is using a Speedball cutter to carve her image.

When the image is completely carved, Jan will cut the stamp out with scissors. She will use double sided carpet tape (water resistant) to mount the stamp on the small wooden block you can see sitting on the table near her right arm.

Jan made some really incredible prints with the gelatin plate. She took a nature walk to collect the plants she used for these prints.

Wow! What a great looking group of gelatin prints!

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