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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sacred Threads

Earlier this week, I put this quilt in the mail. It will be included in the Sacred Threads Quilt Show taking place in Reynoldsburg, Ohion June 16 through June 30. Vikki Pignatelli is the founder of Sacred Threads and she has a new article published in the July/August edition of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. My quilt, "Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire" is included in the article. I've yet to see it, but am very excited, as it has been a goal of mine to have something published in QNM. In fact, it was one of the goals I specifically recorded last fall when I was reassessing my career goals.

I also recently received the exciting news that this quilt has been juried into "The Sky's the Limit" special exibit which will premire at the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston October 27 - November 4, 2007.

Below, is the other quilt I sent off to Sacred Threads. This quilt is called, "Mammograms from A to DD, Breast Cancer Survivors". The "breast" images are done using the same technique as the quilt above. In fact, "Goodness Gracious" was made of the leftovers from "Mammograms". Black fabric was wrapped around a round rock and fastened in place with a rubber band. It was then immersed in bleach. Wherever the bleach touched - turned white. "Goodness Gracious" was overdyed and overpainted with fuchsia, orange, and scarlet dye and paint.

The names of breast cancer survivors were machine quilted in pink thread. I got the names from people on the Quiltart list, family, friends.

This quilt has also been included in a juried exhibition at the Museum of the Rockies that took place fall 2005 through winter 2006. That show was called "Over the Top: Story Quilts".


zquilts said...

Your work always inspires me.
These are particularly wonderful pieces.
Congratulations !

Wild Thread Studio said...


joyce said...

I love the cancer survivors quilt. Did you discharge the border too?

PaMdora said...

congratulations on all your recent successes. the top quilt is a real winner - the black makes it really sharp!

margaret said...

Those quilts have the WOW factor - and more!