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Friday, May 22, 2009

Apple Blossoms

Our home is high and dry. We get about 8" of precipitation per year and we don't have a well, so it is difficult to grow anything other than the native plants that are here.

The guy who developed this place 30 years ago told us that he came to our little box canyon for picnics when he was a youngster. I am sure the apple tree that is here was "planted" years ago when someone threw away an apple core after a picnic.

It is some kind of antique variety. The apples are not very good. It only bears fruit on alternating years. Often, we don't have good blossoms because the spring storms destroy the flowers before the bees can pollinate them. This year, though, the tree is covered in blossoms and buzzing with bees.

The deer keep this tree well pruned around the bottom.

I know an apple tree is nothing special to a lot of people, but this tree is something I really enjoy - year round! I am so happy to have a "wild" apple tree just outside my studio door!



Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

What a glorious display of blossoms! You are fortunate to have this tree to look at. This time of year I often miss the orchards in bloom in the Annapolis Vally of Nova Scotia along with the scent of all those blossoms in the air.


Carol said...

It is beautiful! Wish we had one at our house!