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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Daisy Prinitng Blocks

I am enjoying the daisies blooming outside the front door.
I thought I should creates some printing blocks in a flower shape.
Mostly, I just used leftover rubber that had been cut away while creating other blocks. I cut the petals with scissors. I'd already attached double stick carpet tape to the back, so I only had to remove the paper and put the pieces in place on the wood block.

I thought I would give them a try on this piece of hand dyed fabric.

The green leaves kind of disappear . . . but they can be brought to life with stitching. I like these new printing blocks!


tiedyejudy said...

They're great!

Suzanne said...

Cynthia, I've tried using the plumbers gasket rubber that you've mentioned but it just will NOT cut for me. I thought you could cut it with something other than scissors but i've had no luck. Do you have any advice or wisdom to share?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Suzanne, The rubber gasket material I am finding these days is very flexible - and is - in fact - very difficult to carve. Are you finding it just stretches when you try a Speedball cutter? You could try attaching it to your wood block with the carpet tape prior to carving - that might help some because it will be firmed up a bit more. I have found better success cutting from the outside in. It also cuts easily with scissors - so that is another option. Sorry - the rubber gasket material I used in the past was very easy to cut - this newer product is pretty poor for making printing blocks. Cynthia

Suzanne said...

I'm oddly happy to hear this. I thought it was just me! Now I can move on and find other uses for this stuff. Thanks for your reply!

YukonRose said...

I love these new stamps Cynthia! And I notice your gasket is very smooth. Mine is thicker, but still relatively easy to cut-and it has little bumps on it. I think it gives the stamps character. :-)