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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Glue Gel Resist - A New Series!Recently, I was going through a box of gelatin plate prints and I came across a large piece of white cotton. I had drawn an animal shape on it in glue gel several years ago. For some reason, it had never been painted (I wasn't really doing much with glue gel or paint back then). I liked the way it looked and decided to try painting it first chance I had.

I had to wait for warm weather. It is so large that I would need to use the library tables in the shop for a work surface, and there is no climate control out in the shop.

Finally, some mild weather arrived and I was able to paint it. I never dreamed I would be painting animals, but there is something about this piece that really excites me - and it doesn't even have the glue washed out yet! I think it is going to be stunning when the glue is gone and I get it quilted!

  1. The success of this piece inspired me to try my hand at a couple of others - so now I have a new series in progress!


Joyce said...

I love it. He looks so ominous somehow. Must be the eyes!

Robbie Payne said...

Your work always inspires me, Cynthia. This is an interesting piece and funny how 'past work' tends to be looked at differently. I really enjoyed your print blocks as well!

Carol said...

I love him. The texture of his fur is great. He looks like a wolf to me.