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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rose Garden Fabric

Today, I started by painting on natural cotton with Setacolor transparent paints in turquoise, pernod, cobalt and ultramarine.
Below is a detail of the dried fabric.

Next, I block printed with shades of green, using a variety of foliage inspired blocks.

Then, I printed in shades of red and yellow.
I am calling this my rose garden piece.

I probably will screen print some butterflies next - or possibly more leaves in a bolder style - maybe larger or darker . . . . My plan for this piece is for it to become a couple of whole cloth works - perhaps gallery wrapped on stretched canvas.

I am always amazed and delighted with the way the printing transforms the surface of the fabric! At the same time, a part of me grieves the loss of that beautiful underlying fabric I painted in the first step. . . . !


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Candied Fabrics said...

Ooh! Ahh! You're inspiring me to want to try block printing! And glue gel resist! And....argh! not enough time in the day.