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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Block Printed Pillows - Shower Gift

My niece, Sara is having a baby in May. Her baby shower is coming up and I asked her if there is anything I could make for the baby. She responded with a request for pillows! She wants floor pillows and a pillow for the rocking chair. I asked her about colors and she told me the colors in the room are brown, green, yellow and beige. She also sent me a link to the rug and the curtains they are putting in the room. (click to follow the link)

So, I sorted through my scraps and identified everything I thought might coordinate. I spread these on the work table and block printed them. Then, I got busy putting things together.

It was a really fun project and amazingly quick.

I did a little planning, but not a lot. The main thing I was trying to accomplish was keeping things in the proper size range for efficient use of my printed scraps.

I'll show the rest of them next time.


Carol said...

A M A Z I N G !!!

imquilternity said...

She is one lucky are a terrific aunt! I LOVE the pillows! Gorgeous colors and gorgeous designs.

Vicki W said...

These are fabulous!

Deanna said...

What a wonderful gift! Will you be my aunt?