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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skylines Challenge

This is my piece for the Skylines Challenge. The challenge is to use this particular sky fabric with at least 6" of it showing. The maximum size is 36" and this piece is 36" tall. I have it quilted. Yesterday, I dyed silk ribbon and I plan to add more detailing to the flowers using the silk ribbon. I've had several large spools of natural silk ribbon in my stash for several years. At one time, I was doing a fair amount of silk ribbon embroidery, but I got away from it. I do really love doing it and love the look, so will finish this piece off with that.

With the exception of the commercial batik that is used for the sky, the fabrics have all be hand painted, with the addition of block printing (water) and screen printing (mountains, and botanical foreground).

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