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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Dyed Fabric

Snow dyeing has been discussed a lot on a couple of the online lists I participate in. I have always thought it looks just like Low Water Immersion Dyeing I usually do.
I was reluctant to do it, but we have had snow on the ground here for over 80 days and the temperatures have been very low.

I needed to dye a bedsheet for backing a bed quilt I am making for my step daughter and her fiance - they are getting married this spring.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity to try the snow dyeing process.

I froze my soda ash soaked cotton overnight. Then, I covered the container with snow and brought it inside, where I poured on dye and left it to sit for 24 hours.

The results - great! But I still say I can get the same effect without the freezing or snow!


tiedyejudy said...

Nice mix of colors! My experience with ice-dyeing is I get sharper, more distinct patterns compared to lwi, due to the freezing. I haven't tried ice/snow yet, but haven't had much luck with just snow dyeing.
I may have to try a comparison with just ice, and ice/snow before all our snow melts!

Mandi said...

Well, I'd love to know how to get this without snow! I live in TX and we got a bit of snow last week but it was gone within hours, so I can't ever try this myself.

Cynthia St Charles said...

Mandi - If you will send me your email address - I will write and tell you how to do it! Can't reply to your comment since it was set for no reply.

Anonymous said...

This is a glorious piece! Is the turquoise light becasue it's dilute - or because turquoise usually needs warmer temps than most Procion MX, and there's no warmth in snow!?!
I too love the snow dyeing I see round the net and also am glad to hear that it's similar to LWI, because there's no snow in my backyard...ever! ;-)