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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Denali Highway to Maclaren River

The Denali Highway is a gravel road that passes east to west between the Parks Highway and the Richardson Highway. We really wanted to see this wild area, so we headed there after a quick tour of Fairbanks. It was a long ways and so we found ourselves driving down this gravel road about 9 pm. under cloudy skies and light rainshowers. We went as far as the Maclaren River, where we found a room at Maclaren lodge (below).

We were tired of freezing in our sleeping bags and we were imagining the room (we had to walk outside to get to the toilets) would have heat. NOT. Still, it was warmer than the tent.
The morning dawned bright and partly cloudy - giving us a nice view of the Maclaren Glacier (below)

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