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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Homer Fishing

Homer has a reputation for being the best place to catch halibut.
All the charters depart from the Homer Spit and we went down to tour the harbor and businesses on the Spit (sorry I don't have a good picture of the Spit).

There is a lagoon on the Spit, with a salmon fish hatchery in it.
The king salmon who return to spawn. . . well, there isn't anywhere for them to do it.
So all the salmon returning to the lagoon must be caught.

We spent a few hours trying along with hundreds of other fishermen.
We saw several caught, but we were not among the lucky fishermen.

It was cold and windy. Our fishing stamina only lasted a few hours each day.
I enjoyed seeing what others were bringing in. These three halibut were among a half dozen caught by a local family.

This (above) is the Homer Slough - a low marshy brackish pond. It is right next to Michelle's cabin, and is an important bird habitat.

Beach grass at Homer.

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