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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grayling Fishing at Tangle Lakes

One thing I really wanted to do while in Alaska was fish for Arctic Grayling.
We had read that one of the best places for catching Arctic Grayling is the Tangle Lakes system located along the Denali Highway. This was our destination after our night at the Maclaren River Lodge.
It was chilly and overcast (the predominant weather during my entire visit). We fished from the shore.

Michelle was successful - she caught about 6 Arctic Grayling. She released 5 of them, but we thought we would try cooking this larger one - it was about 15" long.

We dined on Grayling that evening. I cooked it in foil on the little gas grill we were traveling with. It was pretty mushy, but we were hungry and didn't have a lot of other options. We ate it!


Anonymous said...

What a great fish you caught!

Did you see any evidence of the mineral exploration activity along the Denali Highway, in the Tangle Lakes region? It looks like a large-scale, industrial mine might be built in the future...

If you enjoyed the area as it is now - beautiful and undeveloped - then sign your name to the letter to the legislature in support of a Tangle Lakes State Wildlife Refuge:

Anonymous said...

Why do some feel the need to throw in their opinion of what we Alaskan's do with our lands? Leave us alone and let us protect our own property, we always have.

Anonymous said...

Mining is absolutely necessary for civilization. You have to dig where the minerals are located. Alaska is one oc the most mineral rich areas of the world. I do not oppose mining. I appove of it. What I I sist upon is pollution prevention in the process and reclaimation when an area is panned out. What a brillient idea... for reclamation leaves places better then when mining started. We Alaskans love Alaska and other Alaskans. We also need jobs and a living wage. Mining provides that for thousands. So ... minerals for American prosperity and jobs for Alaskans. AND Better environment at the end. We can live with that.