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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gelatin Prints of Onions

To make the onion prints, I sliced the onions in half down the middle, including the leaves.

The one above is kind of funky - the texture of the paper towel I used to remove excess paint really shows!

I used both medium sized onions and some very small onions. The two prints above are about 18 x 12", the one below is only about 12 x 8"

The brush strokes really show on this print.

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HollyM said...

I love your gelatin prints. I too do quite a bit of it but have not thought to use veggies. Last week I gathered seaweed which is being pressed in a phone book.
Also, I just ordered a manufactured plate form Interweave to try. I think it was called a Jelli(sp).
I just read one of your posts thought where you explain that you like the uneven edges as I do, so I wonder how I'll like a straight edge.