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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carrot People - Rock Art

 I just love these Carrot People.  I saw a picture of these and just HAD to find them - it took a bit of exploration.  They are on BLM land - a long ways down a gravel road south of Rangely, Colorado and then you turn off onto a dirt road.  Then there is a bit of a hike.  No signage. 

I will be doing some art with these carrot people someday.  I cannot really say why they excite me so much - but they do.  I guess the lack of feet / legs gives them an especially ethereal quality.


Lynn said...

Wow, are these in Wyoming? What is the blue color? I've never seen this color before. It's very interesting.

Cynthia St Charles said...

Sorry, Lynn - I overlooked mentioning the location. South of Rangely, Colorado. I added that info to the blog post.

Louisa said...

Those pictographs are SO cool! I too would love to know what pigment they used for the blue. I'll be awaiting your pieces incorporating the Carrot People!