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Friday, February 15, 2013

More Red!

 I dyed this Damask linen tablecloth with red dye to hide the stains, hoping it would become a wallhanging someday.  After making the three red mandala foot squares I showed yesterday, I felt ready to tackle something larger in red.  I cut a 30" wide strip from the tablecloth and put it on my design wall for some pondering..........
I was putting away the scraps of hand painted gray/black leftover from the Winter's Eve series I showed last month, and I auditioned this scrap on the red.  I like the way this looks - with the gradation.  Hmmm.....
Pondering the direction this piece should go.  Stay tuned!

Today's recipe on my Adaptive Cooking Blog is for Mulligatawny - a curried chicken rice soup that is one of my favorites!   It has coconut milk and apples in it.

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