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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moved Bead Strands

I was not happy with the way the beads look on this piece (see previous post).  I have pinned the bead strands over to the edge of the black strip - which seems better to my eye.

This picture also shows how I stitched along the edge (in the ditch) of the sewn/fused binding to anchor it in place through all layers.

I will continue to think about this..... still undecided about these beads - might just take them all off, but will move onto something else while I ponder it.


tiedyejudy said...

It may be a problem of scale. this is such a large, simple piece. The addition of the beads seems to take away from the classic simplicity of the composition. I think you are wise to put it aside, maybe live with it for awhile as it is.

Betty B said...

Perhaps the beads are out of scale with the rest of the piece. Have you thought about more and larger beads?