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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elizabeth's Addition

I have not been getting much accomplished in the studio these days. Every chance we get (essentially, whenever Elizabeth is not scheduled to work) - we do something on the addition.
We have made good progress since starting this project in early September.

The walls and roof are in place. We have taken advantage of a week of good weather to attach the plank siding to the north side, where we will build access stairs along the wall, leading down from the deck.

It took three levels of rented scaffolding to reach the uppermost level. Yikes. I did not climb to the top of the scaffolding. My job was cutting each piece using the circular saw and passing it up so they could attach it. I did have to climb the extension ladder to get up to hand it off.

In the far left, you can see Elizabeth coming down from the scaffolding.
I am really glad this high altitude stuff is done for the most part. Of course, they will have to get up there to paint later on, but I do not expect to be involved with the painting. Joe and I are just helping her get it built.

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