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Monday, November 16, 2009

Legend Rock State Historic Site

Legend Rock Historic Site has been on my wish list for a while. Last time I visited, there was a downpour and the hillside turned into a mudslide and I had to climb down before I was able to view all the rock art.

We've had some nice weather in November, so Joe and I took a day off and drove down to Thermopolis, Wyoming. We stopped at the State Hot Springs, where we soaked in the steaming mineral pool. On our way out, we checked out a gate key for the Legend Rock Historic Site.

The day was partly sunny, but windy.

We arrived late enough in the day for the light to be just perfect for photographing the ancient rock art in this area.

I'll be posting my images over the next several days. Stay tuned!

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Approachable Art said...

Hold old are these petroglyhps, do you know? I've always been fascinated with tribal rock art. Last weekend, hubby and I were in Las Vegas so we drove on over to Red Rock Canyon to see the petroglyphs and pictographs- very neat to photograph them.