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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Gloria!

I was honored to be invited by my sister and brother in law to create a commemorative T-shirt for the Jorge's mother, who is celebrating her 70th birthday on November 15.

The family is all gathering for a surprise party in Florida.

I dyed 10 cotton Tshirts using a Low Water Immersion technique with turquoise and cobalt MX dyes.

I screen printed the text - using a Thermofax screen created in Photoshop Elements 7, and the photo was added using's Inkejet Transfer to Dark product. This heat transfer paper printed beautifully in my Epson printer, then I trimmed around each photo and peeled away the backing paper. It was then applied with my home iron on the cotton setting - just 60 seconds with a parchment paper protection sheet.

Happy Birthday, Gloria!

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