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Friday, November 27, 2009

Vision Quest First Layer

My time at Legend Rock and my research into the Dinwoody tradition of petroglyphs has inspired me to continue my series of art pieces including screen printed petroglyphs.

The Dinwoody petroglyphs represent three different peoples - Sky People, Ground People, and Water People. I painted my background to show all three regions. Then I fused on a sun made of hand dyed silk organza and a couple of hand dyed strips. I added my first layer of block printing with a handcut printing block.

In more recent times, Shoshone warriors have traveled to petroglyph areas on a vision quest. Dinwoody Petroglyphs are almost always located near water - facing water. The vision seeker would bathe in the water as part of their quest.

I have felt somewhat stagnant in my creativity and I am hoping this piece will lead me to a more creative exploration. So far, so good.

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Fran├žoise said...

Nice! How large is it? Did you use salt to get these little white spots in the water fabric?