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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bridal Veil and Headpiece for Erin

With Erin's wedding less than 3 weeks away - I am trying to get things finished up. She picked out a simple veil at Hobby Lobby, but the comb and loop system it came with was not very effective. It would not stay in place and it looked bad. So, I offered to try to create something simple that would slip on easily but look nice with her very elaborate dress.
This is what I came up with.

I twisted a single length of heavy wire into a single bar about 6 inches long and curved it to fit my head. Then I wrapped it with white florists tape followed by ivory ribbon that was glued in place.
I strung pearls and white and ivory beads onto some 28 gauge gold wire, and wrapped the bar with that - twisting under each pearl so it would stand up slightly.
The "pearls" are some I had in a jar - from my grandmother. She loved her costume jewelry and I am sure these pearls were saved from a broken necklace. The color is just right for Erin's ivory and champagne dress. Erin seems happy with it and I think it will look nice on her.

Speaking of the dress - it had to be shortened by about 6" - and that took nearly all day for me to accomplish. Before it was over, I sure was wishing I had paid someone else to do it. What a project! Horsehair braid had to be removed and then reattached . . . and so many layers . . . I think I adjusted about 7 layers - counting the petticoat. Yuck. I added a few hooks and eyes, too. Amazing the finish details that are lacking in a dress that cost as much as a refrigerator!

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Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Great job on the headpiece Cynthia ! So typical of an artist to just figure out a nicer solution that what it came with. And to hem the dress - all 7 layers!

Both we, and the folks who know us, tend to take it for granted that we can do these things when needed. Glad to see you were so successful!