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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ponderosa Pine Dyed Fabric

Above, you can see the pine dyed fabrics flapping in the breeze after washout (they still have a strong pine fragrance). The colors may have faded a bit with the washing.

Washed out and ironed - these fabrics have a nice soft glow. The top piece is raw silk dyed with pine needles. The second one down is also raw silk - vinegar soaked and wrapped around pine bark. The last two were bundled together (cotton broadcloth and cheesecloth) around pine bark - soaked in alum and boiled.

This was encouraging. I do think I will try a similar approach with some other native plants that are growing near my home.

Today is my birthday! I am off to a spring picnic at daughter, Elizabeth's house.

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Cathy in gorgeous Sonoma County said...

Happy Birthday Cynthia. Interesting idea to use the pine needlis. I may try it!