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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cabbage to Kraut

During a recent visit to my parent's place in Central Montana, my father decided it would be a good time to make sauerkraut.

Dad has been making sauerkraut for as long as I can remember. He planted "Winter cabbage" - a very solid head that works great for making sauerkraut.

The crock and cutting board are very old. My dad is 83 and he remembers his parents using them when he was a kid. He thinks they came from my grandfather's German parents. At least 100 years old.

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Jonadele Fashions said...

Oh, I was hoping you were going to tell us how he makes his sauerkraut. I just bought a curak(sp) at a estate sale and thought it would be fun to try. My mother is German, so I have been brought up with sauerkraut as well.