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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mail Art Project - Week One

Fiber Art Postcards: handpainted cotton, block printed, screen printed,
machine quilted, hand embroidered, glass beads.

Mail Art Project Launches!

Today, I have launched my Mail Art Project. This is an idea I came up with
during a creative slump in my studio.
As I transition from summertime outdoor recreation and home improvement project mode into chilly weather indoor creative time - I usually have a period of self doubt and restlessness. This year, I found myself with additional distractions related to family matters. Feeling somewhat helpless due to distance - I decided to try to reach out to selected family members living far away. I wanted to be able to connect without being invasive and I decided to mail a small art postcard every Monday for the next year!

I have chosen 3 distant family members to be year-long recipients for this project.

Here is what I have written on the first postcards:

You have been chosen as a weekly recipient for my "Mail Art Project".
I have challenged myself to create a small piece of mailable art and to send it
by mail every Monday for the next year.

This first group was mailed on Monday, October 4.

I have one extra postcard this week and I will happily mail it to one of my blog readers.
If you would like to be a Mail Art recipient for this or future mailings, please send your name and snail mail address to my email - please put Mail Art in the subject line. I will draw one name at random each time I have an extra piece to go out. You will only need to send your name and mailing address to me once - I will just keep them all in a folder on my laptop. You can find my email by checking my profile.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Thank you for the chance to receive a piece of your mail art.

Doreen K. said...

Tried to email you, but it did not work. What a great challenge. Love all your pictures of your hikes, thanks for sharing. You have been to some very beautiful places.

angie said...

I love this idea! Hope you don't mind if I adopt it.

Anonymous said...

Terrific idea. Hope you don't mind if I use it with my family. We are spread so far apart from PA to FL to CO. I think I can manage once a month. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
Jan Myhre, Spokane, WA