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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Huckleberry Lake in the Beartooth Mountains

Huckleberry Lake is about 1 mile above the wooden bridge where Huckleberry Creek feeds into Mystic Lake, but is about 6 miles from the Mystic Lake Power Plant . It is on a common route for mountain climbers heading for Granite Peak, the tallest mountain in Montana.

There is a pretty good trail most of the way, then it turns into a boulder scramble (not my favorite thing).

The lake itself is little more than a wide spot in Huckleberry Creek. We had heard there were some big rainbows there, but we didn't have any luck.

We did have luck with the huckleberries, however!
Getting back to our camp at Mystic Lake was slow on account of all the perfectly ripe huckleberries we saw all along the way. They were especially ripe and ready in the vicinity of Huckleberry Creek. Yum!

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