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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crows in Salt Water Park

Blackbirds or Crows?

Is there a difference?

I'm not sure . . . .but I was really happy to have the opportunity to take a lot of really good pictures of these black birds during my visit to Salt Water Park.

This one was especially busy with a worm or a twig - never did figure out what it was picking up with it's beak. Never saw it eaten so I assumed it was a twig. Now that I have seen the close-ups - looks more like a worm.

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Michigoose said...

This is a crow. Blackbirds are much smaller, I think you have the yellowheaded blackbirds which are western species. I don't know if you have red winged blackbirds or not, but generally that is the size.

The problem comes with these larger birds in distinguishing ravens from crows. My brother-in-law is an ornithologist and he was explaining to me all the minute details until my eyes began to bug out. Part of it is in the grouping of feathers around the beak. I guess a raven is rougher there.