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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work In Progress - Sushi Postcards!

Today I started a new group of postcards that will become Mail Art at some future time.
This scrap of hand dyed, block printed fabric was pulled from my scrap drawer. I cut shapes from the drawer filled with fabrics that already have fusible web attached - leftovers from past projects. I have been wanting to work with sushi imagery for quite a few years . . . not sure if it warrants further exploration at this point or not . . . . . I did a bit of image research online before starting to work on this today. I love the colorful look of sushi on a plate, but am not sure it is interesting on a wall.

Next, I will layer this with batting, and will quilt it without a backing fabric - just the two layers.
Then, I will cut to size - 4 x 6" and attach to 4 x 6" cardstock with a gluestick.
After the glue dries overnight - I am ready to zig-zag the edges to finish. I'll file the postcards away until I am ready to send them out.

I must admit - it kind of whets my appetite for future food imagery Mail Art!

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Victoria said...

Your blog is so well organized! I was able to go back and find the start of the mail art project... what fun! (After I feel comfortable leaving my soup pot bubbling on the stove (don't want to do email on my laptop in the kitchen), I'll send an email to throw my name into the drawing for Mail Art... I rarely win anything but maybe I'll get lucky!)