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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Hundred Collages Art

Cottonwood Leaves #2

Cottonwood Leaves #1

I have been working on several smaller sized series, hoping to create some work good enough for the One Cause online auction for cancer.

I have two 8 x 10 pieces and 3 postcards from the Cottonwood Leaves series.

The cotton broadcloth is monoprinted using a Gelatin Plate process and "bug nibbled" Cottonwood leaves I gathered late in the summer. They have been layered with hand dyed cotton and batting, machine stitched and bonded to watercolor paper, then embellished with brass leaf beads.

Cottonwood Leaves #1 will go to the One Cause auction. The other will go off to one of my galleries.


Deanna said...

These are beautiful.

Victoria said...

Lovely... and the One Cause Auction is a great idea... I've put a reminder on my calendar to participate and purchase something (maybe yours!) as a treat for myself... :-) (my walls are filled with art but these collages are small enough that I should be able to find a spot for one of them)