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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glenn St. Charles Memorial Service

The memorial serve for my father-in-law, Glenn St. Charles was held at "The Cove" - which is located directly on Puget Sound with a lovely view of the Olympic Range (not visible this day, however.
The day of the memorial service was a downpour. It rained 1 inch per hour and resulted in a flood of the parking lot. People attending had to be shuttled to the building through a 12' wide 8" deep "river" that ran through the parking lot.
In spite of the bad weather, there were close to 350 people in attendance.

Glenn loved collecting old things. The room was decorated with some of his collections (Indian rugs, and furs) as well as some really gorgeous floral arrangements.
His daughters arranged a lovely display of photographs and the many awards Glenn received throughout his long and purposeful life.

Here is a picture of Glenn at age 81 with a huge Lake Trout he caught in Canada.

Glenn died peacefully at his home on September 19 at age 98. My husband Joe was at his side.

Glenn, was born in Seattle December 15, 1911. He graduated from
West Seattle High School in 1930.
Soon after graduating, Glenn took off with a few friends to Story,
Wyoming where he met his first wife Marjorie Kneisel. Marjorie passed
away nine years after the birth of their daughter Linda.
Glenn met Margaret Remick in 1948 at an archery club meeting and
married her the same year. Together they raised five children, Linda,
Jay, Suzanne, Joe and Rochelle, who in turn blessed them with six
grandchildren; Robin, Erin, Adrienne, Sophia, Alex and Ben and 3
great grandchildren; KJ, Jake and Breckin.
Glenn's love of hunting wasn't limited to the woods. We all spent many
weekends at our ocean cabin near Queets, Washington where the whole
family hiked up and down the beach hunting for Japanese glass floats.
Many in the community would remember Glenn at the Midway Swap
Meet. At times he would arrive before it opened, roll under the fence,
and pay on his way out. He helped the sellers unpack in his hunt for
treasures. He also loved to go to antique and artifact auctions as well as
gun shows, flea markets and yard sales.

Glenn's love of archery, bowhunting and the outdoors, lead him on a
life long path helping to establish bowhunting for future generations.
In recognition he received:
The Compton Medal of Honor, National Field Archery Association's
highest award
Boone and Crocket Club, Emeritus member
Induction into the Archery Hall of Fame
The first Ishi Award, highest honor of the Pope and Young Club.
The Karl E. Palmatier Award of Merit
Glenn established the Northwest Archery Company, designed
Thunderbolt and Mickey Finn Broadheads, the St.Charles Backquiver,
and the Thunderbird Recurve bow.
Along with many articles he authored two books, "Billets to Bow" and
"Bows on the Little Delta".
Perhaps his greatest achievement was the founding of the Pope and
Young Club in 1961.
This magnificent raven sculpture was carved by Glenn. He worked with wood a lot - he made archery equipment for many years.

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