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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chickadees 12 x 12

Here is a small piece I just finished 12" square.
The background is a gelatin plate print, machine quilted.
The chickadee is a Thermofax screen made from chickadee pictures I took at my backyard birdfeeder.
I embroidered some twigs in the beaks of a couple of the birds and added glass beads for berries.
I think this is kind of a fun little piece.


Virginia Crandall said...

Love your chickadees!!!! You do such neat things with your thermofax machine (I'm envious). I keep looking on e-bay and counting my pennies. . . Maybe next year.

Judy Alexander said...

Love this... I have seewn your chickadees before!

Anonymous said...

My first response was, "Oh, my!" Then I read your process and said, "Goodness!" I just love following your blog. Very inspiring.

Jan Myhre

margaret said...

This is charming - and the stripey border is just right!