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Monday, January 3, 2011

Mail Art Project - Week Fourteen

Wild Blue Horses
I have done several larger pieces with these wild horses.

Hand painted cotton - poly fabric. Screen printed horses. Fused horses, machine quilted.

I have been writing quotes on the back of my Mail Art. Today's quote:

"I believe in God, only I spell it: NATURE"
-Frank Lloyd Wright-

I have an extra postcard to mail out this week and it is going to Deanna in Yorkville, IL. If you have not already done so - I invite you to send your name and mailing address to me via email. Be sure to put Mail Art in the subject line.
Whenever I have an extra postcard to send - I send it to one of my blog readers!


deeheit said...

Yippee!! Thank you... I look forward to receiving the postcard. Happy New Year!

Angelcat said...

Your horses are beautiful! I used to make a lot of postcards but rarely do them anymore, seeing your fabulous mail art is making me want to start making them again :)