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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Our house has had white walls ever since 2003, when we moved in.
I love color, but there are places where the ceiling is 20 feet high.
When we moved here, I wanted to be able to focus on my art - that was my priority, so we have lived with white walls for over 7 years.

Well, part of our renovation is painting. As we paint, we have discovered that some areas (hard to reach places) have probably not been repainted since the original white paint was done when the house was built!

So far, we have painted the hallway and foyer - Earthy Cane.
The living room is Chicory, and Creme.
The kitchen / family room will probably be Texas Sage.

Standing on a ladder for hours is torture for my feet, so our progress has been rather slow, but steady.

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Anonymous said...

Love the color choices. Earth tones are a favorite of mine. It's like bringing the outside indoors.
Jan Myhre, Spokane, WA