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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mexican Sink

We are gearing up to gut the powder room.
This sink I bought in Mexico may be going in there.
I must admit I am not 100% convinced.
I keep getting stuck on the "how" part of using it. What countertop? What vanity?
Space is limited. I have notion to set it into a semi-circular mosaic tile countertop (of course I would have to make that - and I have never made a mosaic before in my life!) A small cabinet painted boldly in coordinating colors . . . . is that too wild for all the other refined finishes we are putting elsewhere in the house?

Other people have suggested a white cabinet and countertop. I am not quite seeing that, either.
Joe is leaning towards something uncomplicated - like one of those complete units - sink and base - available at Home Depot and Lowes.
Hmmmm...... Stay Tuned!


Joyce said...

I love that sink! I'd put it on a black counter top. Maybe even a whole black vanity...

Angelcat said...

Wow, that sink is gprgeous!

Victoria said...

Weighing in with my vote... yes on the sink! It is really marvelous... personally would steer clear of black simply because it shows EVERY speck of dust or water droplet... but picking up one (or more) of the colors in the sink in a less intense hue (as a painted or tiled surface) could work really well and give guests an eye-popping treat when they go to use the powder room!