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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Disassembling the Kitchen

I took these pictures over a month ago when we started taking the kitchen apart for the installation of the new countertops and flooring. It has been dragging on for over a month and still not done yet, but today we moved the kitchen table back into the kitchen.

This really has always been a very nice spacious kitchen. My only complaints were the countertops that were scratched and stained and the vinyl flooring that was very worn out and dull. I couldn't even shine it up with floor wax!

The layout of the kitchen is great - very workable and the cabinets were custom built with solid oak doors and lots of nice custom features such as rollout shelves, vertical storage, etc. . The finish on the cabinets is showing signs of wear, but we will deal with that sometime down the road.

I took these pictures the day our installer arrived with part of the countertops. On this day, he would be installing the slab on the island and also the one with the kitchen sink.

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