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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Printing Red

I think it was two years ago that I carved these printing blocks and started a series of quilts made with prints in this style. That series was done in blues and gold.
Red is the accent color in my living room, and I would like to do at least one piece in this series in red. I would like it to be LARGE.

So, I dug through my scrap drawer looking for good backgrounds for red prints. I thought I would try some rust dyed fabrics, and some hand dyed fabrics.

This one (below) is a commercial print that has been rusted and overdyed.

I printed using every shade of red that I have on the shelf. Vermilion, China Red, Oriental Red, Cherry Red, Scarlet, Burgundy, and I added Black.

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Angela said...

What a beautiful pattern, it makes gorgeous print.