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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Red Fabric

As I gear up for working with red - I realize my hand dyed reds are significantly depleted!
OK, so - time to dye. I am dyeing several different weaves of raw silk and cotton. Probably 10 yards or so total. I will do the Low Water Immersion process, and then anything not red enough goes into a red dye bath in the washing machine.

Results! Top to bottom - you see:
Cotton Broadcloth - LWI and Immersion dyed
Cotton Broadcloth - LWI dyed
Raw Silk - LWI and Immersion dyed
Raw Silk Jacquard - LWI and Immersion dyed
Raw Silk Slub Weave - LWI and Immersion dyed
Damask tablecloth - LWI and Immersion dyed

1 comment:

Cathie said...

These came out great. Don't you just love how different fabrics take the same exact dye in different ways? Jacquard, particularly is always a treat to see when it comes out.