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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Backyard Black Bear

This beautiful black near visited our backyard recently. I was sitting at the kitchen table about 7 PM, when I saw it nearby - out the window. It was standing on it's hind legs, batting at the birdfeeder, which fell to the ground. When the bear was unable to get any seed out of the feeder, it wandered towards the house (only about 15 feet), where it rubbed up against the window as it nudged the bin we use to store birdseed and pet food.

After slobbering on the window, the bear proceeded to tip over the pet food bin and at that point, we decided to try hazing it away.
The bear was not very fearful and even though we shouted and threw things at it, it lingered. Finally it walked away around the house. Later, we discovered it was at the old apple tree out front.
We watched this bear climb the tree several times eating apples. We thought it left after that, but we later discovered it had gotten into our trash bin out in the cul-de-sac (we have never had any creature disturb our trash before! ) Everything is now safely stowed away in the shop under lock and key. This bear may return sometime soon, but we won't have anything for it to eat!

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