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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Progress with Beet Prints

Several weeks ago, I did a series of gelatin plate prints using beet plants.
I really love the way they turned out and I am motivated to get them into some finished work.
I got the border attached to this group of four and am happy with it so far.

I wish the top right panel was not so light, but I think I can fix this with the quilting lines.

I am mulling how I will quilt this piece - what color thread, etc. I usually use thread that blends, however, I am toying with using black to create an outline. This would be a distinct diversion from my usual.

It seems like a big risk for such a big piece. I might try my idea out first with a smaller piece - like this one (need to add a border first, I think).


The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness, your border treatment really makes these prints work. I was not so crazy about them when you showed them individually. I think you are right to think dark on the thread - at least in outlining the beets. I too am a notorious blender when it comes to thread color, and so often am disappointed by my timidity. Be bold!

Margaret Cooter said...

Thinking about the light panel and the black thread - as it's "different" anyway, why not use the black just there (and maybe on the adjacent beet to the left) and do the rest "ordinarily"? All in the interests of experiment and discovery...!
Love how these prints turned out.

Jan said...

I think these turned out great! I love the small, individual pieces but they really become a work of art placed together into one piece. The wide border really makes the eye focus on the beet prints.