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Friday, September 23, 2011

More Backyard Black Bear Pictures

Here is a picture of the bear as we first saw it out the window - raiding the birdfeeders.

The bear then wandered over to the steel bins we store petfood and birdseed in. The bear rolled them across the patio, then proceeded to tip it over and pried the lid off with it's teeth. Pretty impressive.
We tried hazing it away, but it was not very afraid of us. It just looked at us. Hungry, I guess.

By the time the bear wandered out front to the apple tree, it was starting to get pretty dark. I shot these pictures from the veranda with a telephoto lens. Not the best photos, but I love the way it stood to reach the branches.

It also climbed into the tree several times.

We really enjoyed watching the antics of this bear so close to our house!

I had dreams about bears all night long after this bear visit!!


krex said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and story...being a city dweller, it is hard for me to remember that these are real wild animals and not just cute anime characters that I would want to go hug .

Cathie said...

Oh my gosh Cynthia - what an honor to be able to observe this guy up so close and personal. How cool is that!!!