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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Back

As you can see, I opted for irregularity as I trimmed this piece. To achieve this look, while also having a piece that would hang straight, I first trimmed it to a perfect, straight edged rectangle, then took the scissors to it to create some waves to the edges.

One of the nice things about having a solid, contrasting background is the way the stitching shows up. However, having all that stitching show up so clearly makes it possible to see every single irregularity and tension problem, etc. This piece is intended for an invitational show - don't expect to send it to a judged show, so I indulged myself and went with the solid black backing.

I stitched the edge of the fused binding with that same irregular free motion zig zag I used to connect the fused fabric pieces together.

1 comment:

Jeannie said...

Cynthia, the back is wonderful! I really like the colored thread. A beautiful piece of art. Wishing you a peaceful and fun filled holiday week.