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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preparing for Block Printing

Yesterday, I showed a fused background I was working on. This is my first time with this technique and I was less than thrilled with the initial results. I find I always like things better after I have put my personal stamp on it, and even though all those fabrics were hand dyed, hand painted, rust dyed and discharged by my own hand - I find I am really attached to the block printing process.

So, here goes. I sorted through my box of printing blocks and pulled out those I felt would lend themselves well to this piece. Next, I will sort through my paints - and will most likely stick with the Jacquard Lumiere metallic paints for this one. Stay tuned!


Virginia Crandall said...

Can't wait to see your next step!! I, too, love block printing--which was inspired by you over a year ago. I have made many of my own using the rubber gasket material which you recommended. Thanks!!

karin said...

It's cool to see all of your blocks!