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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Working out the Stitching

So, here it is now, with the stitching in place and a bit of cropping - the full piece above.
Below, I have two detail shots to show the stitching.

I use this free motion zig-zag quite a bit in my work. I do think this is the look I am going for on the other piece. I am not looking forward to it, though - it is tiring for me to do this repetitive side to side motion in order to create the EKG type lines.

Guess I will just do it in small spurts.

Does this piece work on any level? I wish I thought so. I guess it will become some really smashing Mail Art Postcards.


bj parady said...

I do think something interesting is happening with the yellow is the bottom left--maybe you could punch up the yellow in the opposite corner some?

But experiments are good things, even if you do just end up with smashing postcards. How can one learn if one doesn't try new ideas out?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Hard for me to believe you are questioning if this works on any level. I did the sharp intake of breathe bit when the picture flashed up on the screen. This is compelling to me, and that zigzag stitching such a great addition. I wouldn't think it'd need to be cut up although that certainly would be an option.

Cynthia St Charles said...

Well, I think it is just that I am not really working abstract much - although it is one of my goals to focus more on the surface design and to work more abstract. Thanks for the feedback.