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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Masking before Printing

 I have decided I am going to try something different with this piece.  I am masking off a specific design (in this case, a female figure) with masking tape before I do the block printing.  It is kind of tricky cutting the very sticky masking tape into this shape, but having non-stick scissors is very helpful.

There is a current call for entries for quilts relating to mental health.  It is an exhibition sponsored by SAQA and the entry deadline is coming up in May.
I am thinking about creating something that conveys the isolation of depression.  I realize I need some narrower blocks for the design I have in mind, so I carve a few new ones (above).
After masking, I print all over the surface with my hand carved printing blocks. 
 After the paint dries, I remove the masking tape to reveal the figure, which I like.   I just wish the contrast was greater.
Here is the whole thing printed.  I think the transformation is remarkable and that is why I am currently hooked on this process.  I love the way the printing develops entirely new imagery, with the ghost of the underlying fabric showing through.  Actually, it is more than a ghost .. . . whatever, all I can say is - it is very satisfying.
Virginia has asked what material I use to create my printing blocks.

My current favorite is a 100% recycled product that is latex free. It is produced by Inovart and is called "Eco Printing Plates"

It is available from Nasco:

Also, I see that Dick Blick now carries this product.

It comes cut into many sizes and shapes, but I buy 12 x 18 sheets so I can cut what I want. I really like the characteristics of this product.  I love that it is recycled.  It is very affordable ($11 for a 12 x 18 sheet).  It is firm and resilient. Not glossy, so the paint stays in place well.



tiedyejudy said...

Wow! The transformation is amazing! I really love your stamps, and the masked figure is a great focal point, even if it isn't as much of a contrast as you might have hoped for. I'm assuming you will be quilting the piece, and I imagine the stitching will bring the figure out more, but even if you stopped right now and framed or mounted this piece, it is a real eye-catcher!

Virginia Crandall said...

I really am in awe of your constantly developing process, Cynthia. Your stash of stamps is awesome! I know that sometime earlier this year you blogged about a new carving material you get online, but I can't find the entry. I'm having trouble finding the best product for making stamps that print clearly.

Jeannie said...

I really love this. The depth you achieve just amazes me. I understand why you wanted more contrast, but those I know who have struggled and conquered depression say it is like a veil has been lifted. So, the figure could be experiencing the world through the veil. I know your fantastic quilting will be the icing on the proverbial cake. Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully, sunny weekend.

Anonymous said...

have you thought about using contact paper or even freezer paper as your resist?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Virginia I tried emailing you but it bounced. I have details in this post.

Anonymous - Yes, I use a lot of different things as resist. Sometimes just a sheet of copy paper. The masking tape was my choice for this particular piece and I would use it again because it stood up to a lot of movement and wear and tear. Freezer paper can start to peel away if the underlying fabric surface is uneven, as in this case.