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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Impasse Falls Trail

 The trail down from Impasse Falls follows along the edge of this rock wall.

 The trail is rocky at times and precarious.
 As we dropped lower, we were able to see more of the waterfall, which is about 100 feet.  I know it is much bigger than this earlier in the season.
 This picture (above) doesn't really show it, but the steel and wooden "dam" on the trail is breaking apart and may someday give way.  It seems to be holding for now.

I get sort of disoriented by heights like this and I felt I had to brace myself against the wall to take this picture of the entire falls (below).  I guess I also needed to get as far back as possible to get the whole thing in the frame.


Dahn said...

Oh man, I was dizzy just looking down the picture of the falls. And the breaking down dam? You are so courageous!!!
Did you just do this walk (ie is this fall?) or was this sometime in the summer? Just curious.. :-)

bunks said...

More beautiful shots :)

I know what you mean about the waterfall being bigger earlier in the season. I've seen the same thing elsewhere.