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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The trail beyond Bald Knob Lake in the Beartooth Mountains

 We passed by Bald Knob Lake our second day on the "Beaten Path" through the Beartooth Mountains.
This lake is about 8 1/2 miles up the trail from the Clark's Fork / Chief Joseph Trailhead.  By this point, we had climbed 1560 feet in elevation - with more to go!
 We hiked down past the end of Bald Knob lake and started climbing the ridge beyond it.
 This trail gave us lots of good opportunites to look back on the lake and admire it for it's shape and depth.  Looks like a lot of nice campsites here, also.  This lake has a self-sustained population of Brook trout - they looked small.
This (below) was our last glimpse of Bald Knob Lake as we passed over the ridge.  I find it really astonishing how much the look of a place can change as you climb higher to a different vantage point!

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