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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adding Printed Organza

 I am not sure what to do with this - I've added a line of screen printed text - I believe this is Blackfoot writing.  I got it on there a little wonky, so that doesn't help things much.  I decide to audition a strip of Thermofax screen printed silk organza placed across it, but this does nothing for me (I am really kind of bothered by the pink circle near the top - where I accidentally left a ring of dye during the printing process.
The darker lines on the deconstructed print do remind me somewhat of tree branches.  This Thermofax screen is converted from my photo of our chokecherry bushes in winter.  I like it better in the vertical position. (below).

I eventually realize the bushes look better right side up - and I feel this brings out the branch like composition on the deconstructed print.  I finally start to feel a little hope for this piece.  (notice I was able to make the annoying pink circle disappear, also!)


tiedyejudy said...

You're getting there! I think there is definitely hope for this piece!

Anonymous said...

I like the second piece. The first one needed something to integrate the elements, and by flipping the image that did it--for me, anyway. The third one seems a bit choppy and makes my eye jump. I was thinking that in your post today the quilting would help matters in that it too would bring the disparate elements together. I actually saw it before I saw this (11/15). --Sue in MA