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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overprinting on Orange Deconstructed Print

 Continuing on with my challenge to find ways of using my deconstructed printed fabric - I turn my attention to this smaller sized piece done in orange and golden yellow.  It measures about 30" x 24".  I decide to do some printing with Thermofax screens.  I started with a screen adapted from a photograph of a lichen - thinking this will be sort of abstract and will diffuse the white.  I print some in gold - trying to mute those patches of white.  I am very disappointed with this - there was a lot more paint coming through this screen than I expected. I add some text in the same shade of gold.  I feel like this is only slightly better.  Sigh..... even though I am not thrilled with this - I am going to go forward with it because I can't change what I have done so far.  A good lesson (I think I should just throw that lichen screen away - it always ends up overpowering when I am going for subtle......)


Yvonne said...

Hi Cynthia
I'm really interested in the development of these pieces as I too worked with some breakdown screens.
I'm still in the process of developing the results!!
Are you using dyes to print or are you using textile ink?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Yvonne, I am overprinting with screen printing ink made specially for fabric. There are several brands out there and I use all of them.