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Monday, November 5, 2012

Slash and Insert Approach - Deconstructed Screen Print

 I had a different idea for this piece of deconstructed screen printed fabric.
I thought it really looked like an aerial view of a city, and I decided I would do some slashing and insert strips of this hand printed raw silk. (below - shown on the print table after printing with aqua and green Jacquard Lumiere.
When the paint was dry, I tore it into strips and started slashing the deconstructed fabric and piecing  the strips in - thinking about the way roads look from the air.

I like it, which is a good thing, because there is no turning back at this point.  Below, I have it pinned to black silk noil yardage.  I'm thinking the black sets it off well.  I am not ready to crop it and add the border yet.  It might be stronger without a border.   Will think about that for a while - while I also contemplate the final size (I have it folded under in the picture below)


Karan said...

That's a very interesting piece.

tiedyejudy said...

You really have captured the 'aerial view' idea nicely! I see tracts of homes, some waterways... and the black does set it off! It must have been a challenge to figure out the layout before you did the slash and insert... can you talk about that a little?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Well, actually the slashing was fairly intuitive. I started with a fairly vague plan, and worked through it as I went along. I kept everything laid out on the table the whole time so I could keep looking and it and make sure things got put back together right. I really tried to think about how old rural roads become city streets and subdivisions pop up, etc. I think the quilting will really elevate it, so stay tuned!

Dahn said...

Absolutely gorgeous!I can see "my" county in here.. :-)